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I’m 100% not pregnant

but whenever a nurse or xray person asks “any chance you are pregnant” I immediately think… omg COULD I BE?!

Weekend Roundup

Friday night I treated myself to a night at Great Jones Spa. I spent about 3 hours there and RELAXED. Post spa I treated myself to delicious ramen at JINYA. I wonder how many people treat themselves to dinner alone on a Friday. I find it to be very normal. I imagine some feel insanely awkward doing it. 

Saturday I woke up to RUN! But… it was reallly freaking windy and I nearly fell over on the Westside highway then it was just coooold. I hate to complain when it’s 55 degrees but SERIOUSLY wind… you’ve got to calm down. 

I cut my run .5 miles short and ran to Cafe Gitane for a little comfort avocado toast and a cappuccino. Great decision until the sweat drying windy walk back. (okay gotta stop complaining)

Later in the afternoon I went to this suuuper cool wine event called Wine Riot with miss sarah d! For $60 we could taste unlimited wine! Tasted some delicious stuff.. took some hilarious photos… ate a bomb taco… met some cool people. Post wine I jetted to the burg for a little rooftop action thennnn in a drunken state got artichoke… very happy that I did NOT document that situation or check in or anything. 

Sunday I went to Lululemon meatpacking for free yoga! Lovely way to start the day. Grabbed the best babka in the city from Breads Bakery and went to Jenny’s for brunch! Sunday WAS BEAUTIFUL. We walked to Gowanus and met a ton of friends for shuffleboard at Royal Palms. Super cool massive space with a Florida but hip vibe. Cheap to play and $6 laganitas sumpin’ sumpin’ Grabbed dinner after at Runner and Stone. Really tasty pasta and bread and butter to start (you know that goood butter? makes such a difference). 

I was kind of in a funk… but you gotta love a solid weekend!

I need to

get better at setting aside time to keep my little blog up to date! 

Some stufffff

  • I have shoulder tendonitis or inflammation or something. And it is so uncomfortable it made me wake up in the middle of the night sobbing and booking a 9am appointment with a rando ortho surgeon and I even almost texted hot doc. I have anti-inflammatory meds and need to ice. This happened like 8 mo ago… the EXACT same thing and it went away in 2-3 days. Just annoying. And weird. And gets in the way of my workout schedddd
  • The rain wind weather really needs to go away. We NEED spring/summer. We needed it like 3 months ago. There is a light at the end of the tunnel because today is low 60s. CRAZY I know. 
  • I think I’m going to book a random trip to CA to feel my sis’ belly once more before she goes into labor
  • Evening update (since I started this post this am) Went to the ENT because I’ve been congested for what feels like months and there has been a slight ringing in my ear (no words for how annoying it is) and they did this gnarllly 30 min long hearing test. I feel like my heart was beating so fast that was all I could hear. Anyway… my hearing is fine… I guess my right ear drum is recessed. Then (2 hours later) I finally see the doctor. He looks in my throat… my ears… then sprays something in my nose… THEN there is this massively long skinny thing he brings over and it’s a camera THAT HE STICKS UP MY NOSTRILS. Then I started crying. I’ve cried 3 times in 24 hours. #winning. Conclusion from the ENT is that I’ve had allergies forever that haven’t been diagnosed. He gave me nasonex and a different anti inflammatory/steroid to take instead of the first one. If I remember correctly… steroids make me fat. CAN’T WAIT.
  • I went to Blood Sweat and Cheer’s fun run tonight! Super FUN and what a gorgeous night (finally) to run on the highline and along the westside highway. Also fun because we are going to do a workout event with them and maybe Well + Good! (startup life is FUN)

In other news:

  • I went on a date with a cute south african who proceeded to text many winks telling me he misses me and asking when my flaws come out. Sweet but weird me out … a lot. 
  • I FINALLY bought a bag!!! and cute shoes!! (both 20% off. woo)
  • I got a lovely massage last Friday. However, I need a friend to go experience a massage by Chris because it’s REALLY sensual and I need to know if everyone gets this really crazy treatment. 


This is the Tara special. We all cook basically the same thing because something smells good then we recreate. Mushroom, turkey, cheese, avo, salsa, sriracha. yummers.


April is plank challenge month! Add 5 seconds a day!


His and hers. Hers being the straight whiskey and his being the fancy girly cocktail. ;)


This picture IS spring. 

Remember that one time a surgeon was totally into me? That was fun.