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we have a round trip flight booked! who knew it’d be cheaper to stay an extra night in cabo and fly out the next day. WOO sherm’s bachelorette!!!


I have a flight book from LAX to JFK on Friday October 5th and a flight from NYC to Cabo on Friday November 7th. Off to a good start. Next step:



5 Things To Be Happy About Right Now

  1. Hamptons for the night for Tyler’s FIRST birthday party!
  2. Men in the morning in scrubs
  3. Dog walks in the park
  4. The weather today is pretty magical
  5. Inspiring friends



I’ve been meaning to write my therapist a letter with a life update. I finally wrote it out. It’s long and is basically 3 IRL sessions. Last time I went to her was June 2013. So so much has happened since then. I told her that my sis got married AND had a baby. Told her that I quit my job and had a bunch of plans then magically got a job offer from a company that believes in everything I’m passionate about. I told her that it took just over a year to actually get over ex. I told her that I’ve dated a ton and recently started dating a winner. And how I’m terrified. I told her that I’m really happy at work but still don’t know what my true calling is. How I’d love to be a therapist and maybe becoming a yoga teacher will be my therapy to people like how it was with Ally to me. I told her I can’t believe I’ve lived in NY 5 years and am turning 29 this year. I told her I’m finally ready to find that forever someone. But also ready to live abroad again. I told her I have absolutely no clue where the future will take but but how I think that’s what is exciting about life. I signed off and started crying. 

I’m not entirely sure why that letter ended in tears. So much happiness and excitement in my life… but also this cloud of unknown, fear and vulnerability. And… the end? I really have no comments or conclusion to these tears. If I could think of any possible conclusion it’d be to actually get my yoga teaching credential. And to have faith in love like I always have. To enjoy the moment even if it’s terrifying. And to not care if my savings is dwindling because experiences right now are more important. And to eat well and travel often.