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Oh the wise words from Ally Hamilton

Someone says something hurtful or thoughtless, and you lose hours, days or weeks spinning about it. This is one of the great gifts of a consistent yoga and seated meditation practice: they give us the ability to witness our experience. No feeling is forever. Feelings are not facts, and you don’t have to act on every feeling you have, nor do you have to believe everything you think. If you’re having a day where you feel like everyone is against you, where you’re feeling envious or desperate, or victimized, it’s okay. It’s not all pretty. You can breathe into that. You can observe your thoughts. You can simply see how things are with you in any given moment. If you do that, you’ll be amazed by how quickly the feelings shift and morph into other feelings. Eventually, you’ll find you can choose one thought over another. You can pick the thoughts that strengthen you rather than the ones that weaken you.

Dear world,

I’m going on a dating hiatus. I’m going to dedicate the next month to ME. I think then my emotions would appreciate it and calm down a bit and I won’t spontaneously cry all the time.

baiii everyone,


Cole was in town this weekend! Yesterday we did a bday brunch at ABC Kitchen (THANK YOU COLE!) then drinks at Battery Harris and then Supply’s party at Havenmeyer Park. SUCH a beautiful day and night!

Well 29 was just the best birthday ever

You guys. For a second I was like womp womp birthdays as you get older just aren’t as exciting… then yesterday happened. 

My amazing coworker passed along this press event to me because it took place on my bday! It entailed… taking a helicopter to Montauk to run with some model and the Tom Tom crew and test out their new strapless heart rate monitor running watch and eat lunch then helicopter back and be at work by 2:30pm. It did NOT feel like real life and I cannot believe it actually happened. It was incredible. I’ve never been on a helicopter… of course I was freaked out because what the heck will it feel like?! But it was way less scary than I thought (except if there were real turbulence I prob would have fainted).  Lifting up is so strange. Feels like you are in a little toy.

I’ve also never been to Montauk and it’s been on my list for about 5 years. Clearly need to go back and do it right but flying over all of Long Island was super cool because I saw allll the little towns I hear about. And the helicopter isn’t very high so you can actually see stuff. It was the absolute perfect day to be running on the beach. The people were awesome too. A group of about 15 international journalists from Germany, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Scotland. THENNNNN since they knew it was my bday they surprised me with a cake at lunch and sang. 30 strangers singing to you is pretty special. 

When I got back to the office my desk was decked out with all the amazing treats. A balloon, champagne, glitter, cookies, cupcakes AND the tech team got me flowers. So may cards and everyone was just so thoughtful. Warmed my heart x 10. Blew out more candles and drank at work then got ready for Locanda!

I love Locanda Verde and I love mushing together my good friends. We got the ricotta, tomato salad, and octupus to start. Two amazing bottles of red. And I got the squid ink linguini for dinner. THENNNNN surprises of all surprises Jenny and CJ got me my fav momofuku cake!! They don’t even sell it in the store you have to special order it. 

It was just suuuch a wonderful day filled with so many smiles, laughs, and happiness. 29 is good so far. I need it. 

5 Things To Be Happy About Right Now

  1. Best birthday EVER
  2. Cole’s visiting! woo
  3. CA in two weeeeks!!!
  4. Fall crisp weather
  5. Not crying myself to sleep anymore #win

5 Things To Be Happy About Right Now

  1. Wanderlust mindful tri tomorrow!! 5k, meditation, yoga 
  2. I’ve been going through my bdays in my 20s and it’s bringing back some hilarious/amazing memories. It’s been one hell of a decade. One more year!!
  3. It’s almost MY BIRTHDAY!!! :sparkles: :glitter:
  4. It’s almost my birthday = cole’s visiting!
  5. My studio. I just love it.