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Things I want to do better

I always say I try to do my best so if something goes wrong it’s not my fault. I workout almost everyday. I eat decent. I have a great work life balance. I’m very away of my emotions. I try my best to be a loyal friend and supportive sister. But after reading this article Cole sent over about habits we can form that will make us THE BEST I put second thought into how I’m living my life. Here are some things I’ve thought of recently that I’d like to do better at. It takes 21 days to change a habit right? Maybe I’ll try these for 21 days. 

  • M-F I really want to try and NOT snooze. I've read allll the things. Snoozing isn't beneficial. It's almost bad for you! 
  • Mindful eating. This is a BIG one for me. I’ve also been talking about it for years. I am currently, unnecessarily, eating popcorn. I’m not hungry. I’m going to Barry’s and then to dinner. For 21 freakin days, I would like to try and truly be mindful about what goes into my mouth. I preach “your body is your home” but I def don’t live it.
  • I want to make my mornings awesome. If it’s not going to the gym, I want to be doing something before work. Like reading the millions of articles I have “saved later” or reading a book. Or writing in my journal. 
  • To the next level and from that one article, I would love to read and write daily. From a real book that is. 
  • Actually take a crack at mediating. 21 days. Meditate. 
  • (hah I almost said booze free October but I’m going to la on vacation!!) So maybe no booze for 21 days. Oct 12-Nov 1. 
  • Take a workshop or a class. Go learn something. 

I can’t do these all at once. Maybe I’ll start with no snoozing. 

5 Things To Be Happy About Right Now

  1. Barry’s bootcamp tonight and Berg’n tomorrow
  2. Maintaining a wonderful relationship with my old coworkers 
  3. White cheddar popcorn
  4. CALIFORNIA in a week :):):)
  5. Dating hiatus. Stable emotions. 

Dear doctor,

WHYYYYYY did you like my instagram after not liking any of my things since you ended things?



Oh the wise words from Ally Hamilton

Someone says something hurtful or thoughtless, and you lose hours, days or weeks spinning about it. This is one of the great gifts of a consistent yoga and seated meditation practice: they give us the ability to witness our experience. No feeling is forever. Feelings are not facts, and you don’t have to act on every feeling you have, nor do you have to believe everything you think. If you’re having a day where you feel like everyone is against you, where you’re feeling envious or desperate, or victimized, it’s okay. It’s not all pretty. You can breathe into that. You can observe your thoughts. You can simply see how things are with you in any given moment. If you do that, you’ll be amazed by how quickly the feelings shift and morph into other feelings. Eventually, you’ll find you can choose one thought over another. You can pick the thoughts that strengthen you rather than the ones that weaken you.